dbTouch in Action: Database Kernels for Touch-based Data Exploration


E. Liarou and S. Idreos, “dbTouch in Action: Database Kernels for Touch-based Data Exploration,” in Proceedings of the 30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), Chicago, 2014.
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A fundamental need in the era of data deluge is data exploration through interactive tools, i.e., being able to quickly determine data and patterns of interest. dbTouch is a new research direction towards a next generation of data management systems that inherently support data exploration by allowing touch-based interaction. Data is represented in a visual format, while users can touch those shapes and interact/query with gestures. In a dbTouch system, the whole database kernel is geared towards quick responses in touch input; the user drives query processing (not just query construction) via touch gestures, dictating how fast or slow data flows through query plans and which data parts are processed at any time. dbTouch translates the gestures into interactive database operators, reacting continuously to the touch input and analytics tasks given by the user in real-time such as sliding a finger over a column to scan it progressively; zoom in with two fingers over a column to progressively get sample data; rotate a table to change the physical design from row-store to column-store, etc. This demo presents the first dbTouch prototype over iOS for iPad.

Last updated on 12/22/2013