Data systems that are easy to design

This post was invited at the ACM SIGMOD Blog; it provides some initial discussion on one of our new projects at DASlab about self-designing data systems. 

We keep designing new data systems over and over again. We ask two questions in this post: 1) Is this sustainable in the long term? 2) Can we make this process faster?

The need for new data system designs

“Big data” may be mostly a marketing term as opposed to a research one but it is starting to have a tremendous...

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Faculty Job Interviewing Vs. Getting Married

Here is some advice on interviewing for faculty positions based on my experience.  

Last year I promised that I would put a few words together about my experience in the faculty job market. Many people have done so in the past and I benefited a lot reading about their experiences. So I hope this helps some people as well, especially as the season is quickly getting under way and interviews are about to start.  


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So what is a column-store?

If you have some connection to data management (business, research, etc.) there are good chances you heard the term "column-store".

In short, column-stores are one of the biggest movements in the history of data management systems. As we speak, all major database systems vendors are rewriting or rethinking their core data management systems due to this movement and the well accepted by now benefits that this new design brings for many aspects of data analytics. Many have already shipped new products or acquired an exciting startup (e.g., Vertica, VectorWise, etc.).


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Everyone will be a data-scientist

As I start a new adventure as a faculty member in the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences I am also starting a new blog. This blog will be mainly about data systems research and academic life.

The main driving force in my research is my belief that "everyone will be a data scientist", i.e., that data will be everywhere and...

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