Selective information dissemination in P2P networks: problems and solutions


M. Koubarakis, C. Tryfonopoulos, S. Idreos, and Y. Drougas, “Selective information dissemination in P2P networks: problems and solutions,” ACM SIGMOD Record, Special issue on Peer-to-Peer Data Management, vol. 32, no. 3, pp. 71-76, 2003.


We study the problem of selective dissemination of information in P2P networks. We present our work on data models and languages for textual information dissemination and discuss a related P2P architecture that motivates our efforts. We also survey our results on the computational complexity of three related algorithmic problems (query satisfiability, entailment and filtering) and present efficient algorithms for the most crucial of these problems (filtering). Finally, we discuss the features of P2P-DIET, a super-peer system we have implemented at the Technical University of Crete, that realizes our vision and is able to support both ad-hoc querying and selective information dissemination scenarios in a P2P framework.

Last updated on 12/22/2013