Stratos Idreos: I am an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

I lead DASlab, the Data Systems Laboratory @Harvard SEAS.

We do research on designing algorithms, data structures and big data systems that can cope with the data deluge and the ever evolving nature of modern hardware and data driven-applications. We believe that everybody should be able to be a data scientist and we work towards data systems that are easy to design, easy to use and fast. Here is a white paper about DASlab and our research.

In Fall 2016 I gave the third edition of CS165: Data Systems.

In Spring 2017 I am teaching CS265: Big Data Systems.

Office hours: If you are a Harvard student and want to chat about research or classes you can find me every W/Th/F, 3-4pm at my office in MD139.

Selected Recent Publications

Stratos Idreos is short for my full Greek name: Efstratios Ydraios - "Ευστράτιος Υδραίος" in Greek. But also in Greek everyone just calls me "Στράτος" (Stratos).